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Lutein is a nutrient element absorbed in daily consumption of vegetables and fruits, and its absorption rate is lower than other elements. Once lack of lutein can cause many diseases, can lutein be eaten for a long time?

Can I take lutein for a long time? The answer given by experts is yes.

If you take lutein products with blue cap health foods, they have undergone long-term toxicological tests and human tests. There are no toxic side effects in long-term use, but it is best to take a month for a week.

At the same time, we should pay attention to the excessive absorption of lutein to cause excessive burden on the liver. The recommended dosage is about 12 mm per day.

How should lutein be supplemented?

Lutein cannot be synthesized by the human body and is absorbed by food. It is mainly present in common dark green vegetables and fruits, such as: cabbage, spinach, green broccoli, coriander, pumpkin, pea, mustard, corn, kiwi, grape, orange, etc.

Each person needs to take about 6 milligrams of lutein a day, the amount of time required to replace the eye, the quality of life habits and the severity of injury factors are different.

If you don’t consume these eye-friendly foods often, you can also supplement them with lutein-containing healthy foods or supplements.

Sometimes the two diseases of severe macular degeneration and cataract usually occur at the age of rupture, but it does not mean that only middle-aged and elderly people should be supplemented with lutein. The earlier the lutein supplement, the better.

However, lutein must be taken for a long period of time to obtain the effect. Those with poor symptoms should increase the intake, and should follow the doctor’s advice (the maximum daily intake can reach 20mg).

Who should pay attention to lutein supplements?

Long-term computer workers, people with high myopia, eyes with fatigue and tears, those who are often exposed to the sun, those who have received vision lasers, and avoid dry eye, diabetic retinopathy, degenerative macular degeneration,People with degenerative macular implantation and the like should pay more attention to adequate lutein supplementation.